Why I need Patreon Patrons

Economically speaking, me and mine are doing... okay. Okay is fine. But it's not comfortable.

Why I need Patreon Patrons

Economically speaking, me and mine are doing… okay. We’re keeping our heads above water, so to speak. I mean, sure, we have our thin times when a decent stew is all we get for a week or so. But for the most part… we’re okay.

Okay is fine. But it’s not comfortable. I can stretch $200 to feed a family of four and the unfuckening of the house costs $400 a week  because it is intense hard work. And I’m a hoarder. There’s a lot to unfuck.

The good news on that one is that progress is definite and there will be a stage when there’ll be very little left to unfuck at all. And then the costs will go down. But the money saved there will inevitably get eaten by other things. School expenses, new shoes for the little darlings. A sudden growth spurt… it all goes.

And there’s always the threat of new and unexpected expenses hanging over my head. The last thing we need is a dead fridge or an expired stovetop on top of a spate of bills.

What I’d love to be is comfortable. To have enough to relax about money and get myself or my family some nice things. Save up for a holiday. Spoil myself for a change.

And, strictly for ego reasons,  I’d love to be able to support my family if -The Powers That Be¹ forbid- something goes pants and my Best Beloved is suddenly impaired or unemployed. That’s something of a nightmare of mine, actually.

Plus… Just today, we got hit in the face with a $630Aus bill. Because a pump broke in our sullage system and the entire thing would have been wrecked if we didn’t replace that mofo. I can easily see a similar situation that just wipes out our funds for a significant time and I do not like that.

Having Patrons on Patreon would help insulate my family from such disasters. The more Patrons I get, the more of a safety zone we’ll have. And I like to have nice things. Everyone likes to have nice things. I’m just currently terrified of getting them because “what about the next bill?”

Having an actual regular income would calm me the heck down. So, if you please, pop on over to my Patreon page and pledge a little something. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for your generosity.

¹: Insert favoured deity (if any) here.