Whoopsy Doopsy

Whoopsy Doopsy

I'm feeling like a slacker despite getting lots of stuff done. The grindset has got to me, my dear readers. I feel like I'm failing you if I miss just one thing that I should have done. Never mind playing catch-up the next day, as I usually do. That doesn't count. I failed y'all today and I should pay for my crimes by... I don't even know. Some little gremlin in my brain is whispering that I don't have so many people following me because I'm such a massive flake.

That can't possibly be true. I know bloody well that I don't have so many people following me because I'm terrified of annoying people with advertising,

Relying on word of mouth only really works when there's already a lot of people who know you're doing a thing. And they think the thing is good and they're willing to talk about it.

I do not know the first thing about generating buzz and that's a me problem.

Despite getting adequate sleep over the last couple of days, my energy levels have been a bit on the lackluster side. Looking after myself just... drains me completely. And I'm not even doing all the things I need to do to look after myself. I'm skipping what I believe to be cosmetic stuff, for the record.

Stretching so I don't get carpal pain takes up to two hours, most of that is recovering from the aches that result from some poses. It's then a further half hour to torture my feet and feed the cats [the most important part of my day, ask the cats]. After that.... I then take another half hour to arrange coffee, meds, and fibre.

Small wonder that I try to get my errands in Meatspace done before I start on my caffeine.

At least I get my 'professional' grade work done early in my mornings.

I'm hoping my regimes eventually results in better energy levels in the fullness of time. Right now... it feels like dragging myself through the day in the hopes of better tomorrows. Mixed with betraying my loyal followers with the resultant flaking out.

Never mind that I managed to contribute to all of my side-projects in three days. Never mind that I'm still doing everything I can to keep things going on for eventual results.

TLDR: This is a late entry and I feel horrible about it.