Think of the Children

Think of the Children

I want you to imagine a country where the following situation could happen.

A little girl of eleven goes to her family’s place of worship. While she’s there, she is repeatedly raped by a fellow member of twenty years of age. This little girl conceives and, instead of pursuing justice against her rapist, the family insists that this little girl marries him.

Why? To avoid an investigation, of course.

What country did you think of? Afghanistan? Iran? Iraq? Somewhere where they insist on Sharia Law? Somewhere in the middle of Africa?

Well, you’re wrong. This happened recently in Florida. USA. And here’s the link if you doubt.

Interestingly, it’s the “every pregnancy is sacred” right wing areas that are most susceptible to allowing children to marry. Most prominently, the “guns, God, and more guns” haven of Texas. With an astonishingly frightening statistic of allowing nearly thirty-five thousand children to marry.

The majority of these marriages involve underaged girls and older men. And the marriages make the resulting statutory rape all nice and legal. Just look at this infographic and think about what it implies.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 5.00.17 pm

If you think like I did, you can realise that a paedophile in these grey states can legally adopt a small child[or have a friend do it], even an infant, marry them, and abuse them for as long as they like.

Authorities blocking legislation are afraid that such a block will lead to out-of-wedlock births. How about prosecuting the older rapists, instead. Cut the problem off at its source?

Or maybe teach men and boys that little girls aren’t sex objects.

This is frankly disgusting. It needs to stop.