The Unobservant Effect

I would like to make this clear that I have absolutely, positively no idea whether or not this is a co-morbidity of my ASD, if it’s a Writer Thing(tm)…

The Unobservant Effect
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I would like to make this clear that I have absolutely, positively no idea whether or not this is a co-morbidity of my ASD, if it's a Writer Thing(tm) or a byproduct of my assigned gender at birth... That said: I miss a lot of clues. I'm not as observant as I should be, and my reliability at being like this varies according to the alignment of the planets and the stars.

I might be being a little facetious about that. Definitely poking fun at myself. Probably shouldn't do that because technically hurtful, but... here we are.

It has taken me literally all day to realise that a stranger was coming on to me. It's taken me a week to work out what the hell a skeevy teenager was talking to me about when I was a teenaged nugget. To this day, I will miss things on shows I like until they are pointed out to me.

And yet...

I am also the main person in my house to find missing things. I am the lead detective in working out Who Left That Stain. I can generally work out who's up to shenanigans and stop them before they start.

Me. The person who can lose their phone by putting it down screen-side up.

Yeah. I have a very specific skill set and my powers of recall are like unto a steel sieve.

Apparently, writer types are incapable of noticing if someone is coming onto them without notarized forms in triplicate. This might have something to do with spending as little time as possible in reality.

Similarly, ASD folks like me are famously behind the eight ball when social stuff is happening. Catching a social cue is like unto catching a greased pig with oven mitts on. My social cluelessness could be either of those things.

For all I know, I could be a writer because I'm ASD. I know not. Nobody has done an extended study of living writers and their mental whatnot. It could be interesting to do. Especially those cis-het-male writers who write entire pages about breasts. I want to know which way the clockwork is wound in those heads. Like - why the obsession?

I was trying to get to a point somewhere?

Oh yes.

There is something wrong with my noggin because I miss things. I don't even know what's broken. I have tried some research, but nobody that I know of has done a lot in the field of clueless goobers.

Someone with the money and time please research clueless goobers like me? I'd like to know how my clockwork is missprung.