Simple Solutions

The bougie fancy whatnot from the fancy-ass bougie bakeware shops was as useful to me as a meringue umbrella.

Simple Solutions

You might remember a previous rant in which I got very frustrated with my expensive kitchen scales. The green set - price unknown, and the white set which cost me sixty dollarydoos. Both of which turned out to be effectively useless. The good news for my continued efforts at getting accurate readings is that I have found something far better.

A matched set of cheap-as kitchen scales from a factory reject outlet. Net cost: Fifteen dollarydoos.

The bougie fancy whatnot from the fancy-ass bougie bakeware shops was as useful to me as a meringue umbrella. It was the cheap shit that performed the best.

And yes, I have video proof.


I tested it off camera, but when I started recording, one of the scales decided to be off by one gram. I can deal with being off by one gram. At least it's consistently off by one gram. So how does it fare against heavier weights? Like a kilogram?


Off by two grams, but at least it's consistently askew. I can move the weight, put it back, and the reading is the same as it was before.

As for why they were factory rejects? Packaging said it used AAA batteries, but the actual scale used AA's. Another minor thing that I can deal with. There was a bit of an adventure involved in getting the batteries, and then finding out that I needed the wrong ones. Something worthy of a sitcom episode, belike. But at least I now have stocks of every kind of battery and that works as a bonus for me.

What chafes my niblets about all of this is that the expensive stuff has a lower performance reliability than the cheap-arse stuff that should have been less reliable than a cardboard security door.

Sometimes, the expensive things are worse.

We used to have Choice Magazine for this kind of thing. Or the online echo of Choice Magazine. As far as I know, that functionality has left the internet. I would be very happy to learn I was wrong about that.

I'll likely be working with these new scales tomorrow. And I will be much happier to know that I have reliable results. I'll be picking the scale with the lower read-out for weighing the ingredients, on the off chance that that might be more accurate. It's only a gram or two, all the same.

Much better than random-as-hell under-over measurements of the expensive ones.