Running Out

It’s just about my bedtime and I currently have no revelations to -uh- reveal. I do apologise.

Running Out
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It's just about my bedtime and I currently have no revelations to -uh- reveal. I do apologise. Normally, I can yat on about whatever at the drop of a hat, but... not this week.

This week, I am battling a lack of adequate sleep, complete nutrition, and overall inspiration. I also happen to be battling a serious case of the Distractibles. As in, way too much is vying for my scattershot attention, so I can't think of very much to put here.

In other news: Critical Role is awesome. You should possibly do what I did and look up their website. The audio version is lacking because they're a cam-based twitch stream before they became a podcast. There's entire swathes of passages where what's on camera makes it all make sense.

I'm catching up on that. And loving it.

Those who follow my instant stories will likely note an increase in fantasy-related stories. Or maybe it's something my brain does when I'm busy with science fiction. I don't know.

Right now? As I write this, my brain is focussed on finishing this - a task I have been putting off literally all day. So much so that I actually forgot I had to do it for a significant portion thereof.

I'd done my instant. I'd done my five hundred words. My work here was done.

::BUZZER NOISE:: Nope. But thanks for playing.

And since I'd already done a bit on self discipline over on my other blog... I have to spew excuses over here.

Maybe next week, I should do a piece on what helps me focus and what destroys the hell out of that. Or how some people still make daft assumptions even in this day and age.

Look at that. Five seconds after I give up... now I get the ideas.


I need sleep.

See y'all next week.