Riddle Me This:

What the actual fuck is wrong with Conservatives all over the world? What the actual fuck is wrong with the people who keep insisting on voting for them?

Riddle Me This:

What the actual fuck is wrong with Conservatives all over the world? What the actual fuck is wrong with the people who keep insisting on voting for them? Because from where I'm standing, the lot of them couldn't scrape together a single ounce of human compassion if their efforts were combined.

I say this as an Australian criticising not just the US Republican party, but also the British Tories and our own Liberals. Yes, I know the conundrum. The political party calling itself liberal is the most fascist pack of bastards you could ever meet.

Case in point, our allegedly glorious leader has signed into law an act that allows people in medical and emergency services to act according to their religious beliefs. This means that Catholic medicos can elect to not give an abortion even if it would save a pregnant person's life.

This means that shelters for the destitute can throw out transgender people if they can back it up with scripture saying that said people are an abomination and deserve to die. Hospitals backed up with religion can refuse to help anyone who's under the LGBTIAQ blanket as an 'abomination' or 'an affront to their god'.

Which is basically the right wing making certain that those most inclined to vote left are going to die of "natural causes". They're going to die of criminal neglect, and Scomo is the metaphorical mob boss here.

The right wing, the world over, are the biggest bunch of my-way-or-the-highway fascists we have alive today. If you don't adhere to their rigid, pseudo-moral standards, then you rightly deserve to suffer and die because you have fallen from their god's favour. They are terrifying to have in charge.

We've had more than a century of these idiots doubling down on 'trickle down' economics, known in the earliest days as the "horse and sparrow theory". It initially went something like: if you feed a horse enough oats, they will go on to feed the little sparrows. Translated: give enough money to the rich and eventually it will filter down to the poorest of the poor because the rich will have to spend it.

We've had a century of this horseshit and all that's happened is we're drowning in it. The thing is - Rich people don't spend their money. That's how they get to stay rich. Doy.

You can't improve the economy by giving money to rich people. We know this. Everyone should know this by now. We've had a century and more of watching it fail, and fail, and fail, and fail. And yet, we have people being crushed by these policies, hands to their hearts, reciting that rich people can be generous if they just give them more money. These are people who believe that they, personally, didn't tug hard enough on their own bootstraps. Who honestly think that poor people are poor because they aren't working hard enough.

Meanwhile, the most essential labour is the most underpaid. Poor people are poor because the rich who run the businesses don't want to pay them. It's that simple. Prices skyrocket, wages are stagnant, and more and more people are facing choices between a meal to eat or a place to sleep in.

Refusing help to people who don't adhere to the 'moral standard' is just the beginning. They're coming for the minorities. Sooner or later, they'll be coming for people like me. People who speak out against fascism in any available forum. The good part of this statement is, only if we let them.

For the love of mercy, for the need of charity, for the sake of those who are not permitted to speak for themselves... register to vote, and don't ever support a fascist.

They will lie to you whilst stabbing you in the back. Don't trust them. Don't argue with them. Don't listen to them. Don't give them a platform. Don't engage. Just keep teaching those who will listen and learn about how and why they are completely wrong. Morally, ethically, and spiritually.