Repairs in progress?

Repairs in progress?

I asked my Beloved how the site fixing is going and they said it could well be done today!

Spoiler alert – if it isn’t, tomorrow’s blog is going to be dipped in lava-hot snark.

If it is… this may be the last entry you get for weeks on end. If that happens to be the case and you’ve become addicted to the whirlwind that is my life, go check out and see what else I’m doing with what passes for my life.

For instance – I started a fanfiction for The Adventure Zone called Babes in the Woods and I plan to have a LOT of fun with it. Fountain of Youth stories are always such fun. Especially when some of the characters who get youth-ified are so old that nobody else knew what they were like when they were kids.

In the news department, I just learned that the United States is under the influence of a man who parrots the most brainless talking heads of talking head TV. He makes their witless ponderings into actual news and if that isn’t a sign of impending doom for a society, I don’t know what is.

My only hope is that the Australian government gives up on sucking up to the States and starts actually forming its own opinions for a firkin change. That way, my nation can actually get out from under the collapse of a giant.

Unfortunately, this is Australia. When we stopped tagging after the UK like someone’s kid sibling, we started tagging after the US like someone’s kid sibling. All signs are leaning towards us tagging after China like someone’s kid sibling. It’s way past time our nation grew up and started focussing on what it needs to do for itself.

Also unfortunately – the xenophobic right-wing idiots are currently in charge. I swear, politics doesn’t lend itself to sensible leaders. It lends itself to whoever can make the loudest noise about the massive conspiracy by the poor people to impoverish the working stiff, which was set up by the rich. And the gullible idiots who believe them.

Enough bitching. On with the fiction. Which is what everyone actually cares about.