I have my email back. Yay. Which means I can field my rejections and hand out my supply of fucks-to-give for as long as they last and to whomsoever deserves them the most.

I don’t have a lot, though. I give a fuck for my Primary Parental. I give a fuck for Capt S, the Parental-in-law. I give a fuck for my immediate relatives. My two darling children whom I nickname Mayhem and Chaos for reasons that become increasingly obvious the more and more you hear about their shenanigans.

As for my site… I don’t even know if there is progress. I have been tracking the error codes on that thing and it has gone:

  • 502, server not found
  • 521, server unreachable
  • 502 again
  • 522, connection timed out

Either way, my server may be absconding with Majorca with the money it’s embezzled from the Aussie Government. I disavow all knowledge of my server’s plans and never witnessed a thing. Leave me alone, ASIO.

I know nothing.

Joking aside, my side is still in a state of “it’s imploded, IDK” and this will be the third weekend that this has been a running problem.

In other news, Beloved and I are rather insisting that Mayhem learns to firkin drive. Mayhem is already claiming to be way ahead of the game despite losing the dang driver’s manual that cost me a relative fortune at the time.

…I’ve since discovered that I’ve saved over $100 from random scrimpings so my emergency fund is good.

Just in time, because I have stuff to post off to my friendo in Tullagawupwup, we need cream, and I’m plumb out of my usual housekeeping cash. Joy.

Running around scheduled on a fun day. I wanna get this over with so I can fart the rest of the day off properly.