Pitchfest Incoming

My heart's already going hell for leather at the mere thought of it.

Pitchfest Incoming

What you see above is my very ameteurish means of tracking what I need to pitch my books. Or at least, what I need to pitch my books to PS Literary Agency. Later today, I'll make sure to whom I am pitching, how valid I am with my assumptions, and how ready I really am to get going on this.

My heart's already going hell for leather at the mere thought of it.

Like most people, I have dreamed of gaining fame and fortune through my honest efforts. Reared as I was with ancient black and white cinema, I had a firm faith in talent scouts. I believed since childhood that someone would discover me and open all the doors.

That belief was probably bollocks even in the era those movies were made.

I also decided to ignore that no talent scout alive would be doing work internationally. Australia's largely ignored by literally everyone but Australians, so my chances were slim from the get-go.

The internet kind of re-invigorated my ideals of Serendipitous Discovery. Fanficcing lead to a lot of people eager to see me go pro. People who read what I put out for free were always eager to see more and idly looked forward to seeing me on bookstore shelves one day.

Cue the subconscious impostor syndrome and massive amounts of procrastination regarding going pro.

It was so bad that I wrote five books and have another epic-length WIP that still isn't over. [There might be a book five. It's that intense.]

I've lined up the most likely candidates who may appreciate my weirdness. I have their pages up for extra inspection. Just to be certain. I like to follow the rules, and it's a struggle to do what an entitled white guy would do. I am no Knomira. I also possess a chronic terror of annoying strangers by existing.

You can tell my in-school experience of being autistic in public has left some scars.

I have everything in line and ready to go.

I'm scared, but I'm going to do it scared.