Murder Dollhouse

He’s a cocksure up-and-coming detective who’s been sent to a department to find out what has THAT squad solving crimes at a higher rate. She’s a POC on the spectrum who builds detailed models of crime scenes that no longer exist. They fight crime.

Murder Dollhouse
[Pic © Can Stock Photo / michaklootwijk]

You hear it whenever you introduce yourself as a writer. “Oh really? I have an idea that I’ve always wanted to see…” or just “I have an idea for you,” like you can perform the alchemy that takes their vague concept and turns it into the bestseller that they want all the credit for.

And if they happen to have a similar concept to something you’re already working on, then you get accused of stealing their thoughts, somehow, and there’s trouble.

I usually circumvent this before they impart their genius with, “What’s stopping you doing it?” And that leads into a discussion about how they’re way too busy with the real job that you don’t have. But I digress.

This is me documenting my brilliant idea and working on it in my spare time between writing Instants, working on the current novel, desperately searching for ways to promote myself that I can afford [my budget is $0 BTW], and a soupçon of self-care because that’s important, too. And juggling the day-to-day mundanities of running a house.

Fun times.

Anyway, last week, I posted this text onto my Tumblr:

He’s a cocksure up-and-coming detective who’s been sent to a specific department to find out what has THAT area’s cold-case squad solving old crimes at a higher rate than anyone else.

She’s a POC on the ASD spectrum who builds incredibly detailed models of ancient crime scenes that no longer exist in the real world. [See the works of Francis Glessner Lee to know what I’m talking about]

They fight crime.

But first… HE has to learn that ASD is not like the TV typical white asshole-guy-who-gets-away-with-it-because-genius, and learn how to work WITH her instead of forcing her to do things the nypical way.

I just want an ASD heroine who doesn’t fit the bog-standard TV mould of what ASD is, and a nypical work partner [THERE WILL NEVER BE SEXUAL TENSION!] who has a learning curve about the world in which she lives. So I’m going to write it. Eventually.

I’m working on the characters, setting, and whatnot. Including some kind of murder to be the mystery. Which involves a lot more research than I’m used to.

I have this idea in my queue, now, amongst the multitude of books that I have planned. A series of novels that will see me writing well into 2040.

Everything’s currently up in the air. Including the characters’ names, but I know without a doubt that there will be no sexual tension. My hero and heroine are not going to have a tacked-on romance. And there will be a lot more ASD traits than “White dude who’s an asshole”.

She will stim. She will have meltdowns. She will have spirals, both upwards and downwards. Comfort routines and comfort in routine. The monotone voice, I will insist on. Part of the nypical’s journey is learning how to relate to someone who, as far as he’s concerned, is an alien from the planet nerd-tron.

I have a character list full of interim names. Authors always have a great need of names. I’ve already made promises to my Patrons, but anyone who puts their name to my Ko-Fi will likely find that name plucked from the aether and placed between my pages.

I aim to have a little something-something up here at a minimum of once a month. Some stuff will come up here. Little details. And I’m all about the details.

So watch this space. I’m making stuff happen.

Fingers crossed, it’s interesting stuff. If I can generate buzz about this, it may well be my next non-Amalgam novel.