Juggling Moments

I've had a disruption to my usual sequence of operations, and hammering out a new one is -er- "interesting". As in, "may you live in interesting times" brand of "interesting".

Juggling Moments
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I've had a disruption to my usual sequence of operations, and hammering out a new one is -er- "interesting". As in, "may you live in interesting times" brand of "interesting". Being the only one in the family who has a valid driving license and a car, I'm kind of everyone's taxi, mobile tech support (where applicable), delivery service, and occasional mover of strange and heavy objects.

Mayhem, eldest child of mine, has achieved gainful employ. Huzzah!

Since he doesn't have a full driver's license nor a car, and since the public transit to get there or get home is three hours' worth of agony, I'm the one taking the two-hour trip twice a day to get him there and then get him back. Which means that all my efforts to create my usual offerings and other life happenings are squished into the time remaining between those long hauls.

So far, I have managed to get my wrist stretches and foot therapy in by waking up very early and trying to do all that as quickly as possible. The same has happened for my ever-increasing WIP, A Devil's Tale. [And FYI, I'm halfway through chapter 446 and probably well into book 5 as I write. Beloved has yet to get back to me about the end of book 4]

Life nonsense, such as shopping, also has to happen in those hours. The more time spent shopping, the less time I have for the daily offerings. Including this one.

It's all a learning process.

For instance: I've learned that if I need to go to Costco after dropping off my lad... I need to bring along my laptop to do some work in the hour between my return to the area, and the time that Costco actually opens. I can plausibly get a start on the flash fiction in that little window.

And I do feel a certain responsibility towards doing my daily stories, as well as my other offerings to potentially gain an audience. The daily flash fictions are part of my "cunning" plan to keep audiences aware of my existence. There's new writing every day, and the more that people like it, the more they're willing to share... thus showing my good work to others.

I have no idea how well that plan is working, but it's my brand now. I'm stuck with that. Not that I object, per se. Doing these daily fictions help keeps my capabilities limber... and keeps me away from the dreaded Writer's Block. I also get to test out ideas and build my worlds whether I'm working on them or not.

After I finish A Devil's Tale, and finish having a nice long holiday from writing novels, I'm pretty sure that my next work will concern Pax Humanis, and the serial murderers that do bloody justice within the Terran Alliance.

That's after I finish rewriting Rael and perhaps finishing off Kingdom of Sand.

Yeah. I am a busy, busy bean.

Sometime during all of this, I will sort out time to do those and other things. Such as the side projects that have fallen into my too-hard pile. Which I am also trying very hard to not feel guilty about. I am only human, and I only have so many hours in my day.

...and I have a certain knack to make any given allegedly reliable technology to go tits up.

That one kind of complicates things for me.

But I deal with it in the same way as always - by solving one problem at a time.