F*ckin’ Plot Kittens…

F*ckin’ Plot Kittens…
In the beginning, for Ee, there was the boot. It crashed down through the ceiling of sticks and leaves that kept most of the rain off of her, and nearly smashed her hand. So she bit the leg that was in it with all the strength she could muster.

Cool starter, right? This is a starting sentence that just popped into my head one morning. The working title for this is Ee the Changeling because she's an Elf in a world where Elves are practically cryptids and what passes for the rest of the plot is lots and lots of self-indulgent horseshit involving a Lost Scion Grows Up In Obscurity first act.

IF I get down to writing it, which is likely because shiny idea, I will be making certain it's in a nice, uncursed, portable format.

I love Novl'r, I do. It's a fantastic idea for lots of people. But the instant I start transferring a work from there and into anywhere else, bad shit happens to me and mine. It happened with Kung Fu Zombies, and it's happened with Clockwork Souls but only for the transfer. So... I'm not taunting fate again.

I'm better off with iA Writer. Available in the App Store for both Apple and Google, and compatible with Google Drive, which I now use to keep all my portable files in.

I'm going to have to clean out some of that drive sometime soon. Dusting out all the stalled works, filing all the finished ones. That sort of deal.

What I'm supposed to be doing is focussing on fleshing out B'Nar, building the environment and working out a plot. Constructing, naming, and fleshing out Murder Dollhouse so I can generate buzz for a change.

I need notice to make sales. I need audience to have notice. I need buzz to have an audience. I need a consistent content to have buzz.

But no. My traitor brain is just obsessed with a new idea. Dangit.

At least I have a lot of time to play with things like this. If it goes anywhere, you'll find out here, first.

I now have enough potential novels to last me until 2042. This is the power of plot kittens.