Distracted, Disorganised, Distressed

It’s half-past September and the good news so far is the lack of a rejection from Eighth House.

Distracted, Disorganised, Distressed

Queensland has a… unique… holiday season known as Ekka Week. Because of that, my entire life gets messed up.

That, and the goblin that runs my brain would much rather play games, listen to podcasts, and write fanfiction that focus on doing this thing once a week.

It’s half-past September and the good news so far is the lack of a rejection from Eighth House. Some other good news is a connection to NBN incoming. Which means more internet, which means I can upload things.

Which means I may fall into the trap of obsessing what to do in regards to content. Again.

Because you can’t be any kind of Indie Artist without filling all your hours in by making things for other people to digest in less than a handful of minutes and pay you squat for.

I’m officially earning more from Patreon than I am from Smashwords, and that doesn’t say much about either of them. If I could afford an advertising campaign… Yeah. Enough of that bitching.

For those of you who may crave audiobooks, I did look in to Graphic Audio International. But they only do Action/Adventure, which is not my strongest suit.

Local audiobook producers charge big money to get an audiobook done. Amazon will do it for “free”. The price is merely the rights of ownership to my own intellectual property. Given without any kind of payoff to Amazon.

I can’t afford to do that. Either of those.

So my best option is to come up with some kind of podcast with add breaks sponsored by donors.

EXCEPT… I’m not exactly the best voice to read my shit. And the next best option is to use an artificial voice and sound effects to turn my words into audio. I have… doubts… about that.

It’s problematic. No matter what I do, I’m going to screw something up. And if I do nothing, then my audience remains limited. More people are listening to audiobooks. Less people have time to curl up and read.

I’m a writer. I can’t exist without an audience. I can’t fund myself without an audience.

I got to reach them somehow.