Adventures in Meal Prep

I have not been looking after myself that great. I know this. I recognise this. I would much rather be writing something because that’s the fun bit.

Adventures in Meal Prep
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I have not been looking after myself that great. I know this. I recognise this. I would much rather be writing something because that's the fun bit. There are entire days when I would much rather be faffing around on the interwebs or playing Minecraft. I can, have, and potentially will just go soak in indolence until I feel better. Which might be a symptom of creeping depression, I can't tell.

Some days, I just need to collapse.

Today's feeling like one of those days.

The reason why? Well, I'm getting to that. I've been really lazy with the care and maintenance of my meat suit. Specifically in the area of fuel. My daily diet has been: bulletproof coffee, Halo Top ice cream, and if I have the energy to do so, deep-fried pork belly with hollandaise sauce. I might also snack on some Nori chips.

That's it. Obviously, this is so, so very not good.

This is also what I've been doing for close to a year. Small shock that I've been feeling some negative effects on an emotional/spiritual level. So I had to do something to hack my inertia before I wind up spending all day playing Minecraft because it's the one thing I can do that shows some kind of progress.

I did that a lot when I was battling tons of depression.

In order to have decent, balanced meals with more than the two elements of Thing and Sauce, I have to have those meals ready. This means preparing some meals for me.

I already have a metric heckton of allegedly re-usable containers [spoilers - they're not as re-usable as they claim because Sauce Staining] and I did purchase a load of veggies with this pln in mind... but it turns out we didn't have enough of the proteins.

So we went shopping and got a bunch of zucchini and some other little tidbits. We made lamb steaks [cooked sous vide with rosemary in the vac baggie], beef/pork blend meatballs in a Sauce my beloved made. Oodles of zoodles. Green Fry(tm), and cauli mash.

My Neverfail Recipe for meatballs goes like this: Equal amounts of beefs and porks mince [you can blend chicken and pork too, or lamb and pork... or whateveryoulike and pork], a third of a cup of almond flour, one small onion [diced or blitzed. I'd had enough by this point so I used one of those herb mincer things], and herbs and spices to taste. Smoosh all those until homogenised, roll into balls, fry gently or cook in sauce. Boom. Meatballs.

Sometime later today, Beloved and I are going to portion out some of these into varied meals. Some of them may contain ham. Some may contain the dreaded DFPB. Just so long as I have one thing that's a two-step meal option [Step 1: heat. Step 2: eat] so I don't default to the next-easiest (and bad) thing to fill my belly.

The problem is... I only have so many daily action slots[Think spell slots in D&D]. Shopping and cooking just absorb those. Same with travel. If I do anything huge, I need some time to just recover afterwards. It's a thing with me.

In the unlikely event that I go on a tour of some kind, I'm'a need like 24 hours to firkin SLEEP before anyone else can expect a thing out of me. Call it getting old. Call it emotional labor. Call it needing a Long Rest before I can get my action slots back.

Can't do that today, though. Why? Because I have bowls and strainers and cooking vessels just full to the brim with assorted foodstuffs ready to portion. They need to be portioned out and made ready to freeze. Whee.

I'm going to be as exhausted as hell from this, but hopefully it improves my health a bunch.

If I do this again? I want to make sure we do it all during a future weekend. I need those two days with nothing else going on to just do everything else.

I've been learning this time. So I'm ready for the next time. Well. Ready-er.

I hope.